Best agents in the whole world. -Kollodi & Roger

Having the team of two realtors was great. And I always felt there was a good balance between supporting our decisions and giving advice/information. You guys were super and we love our new home! - Annalise & Jeff

I'd have been completely lost without your help. You went the extra mile from mailing out the radon test to dealing with the restoration company.  You made what was a mind melting stressful process bearable for me. - David

Having the advantage of working with you both was amazing because one of you was always available to help me. I knew I could trust both of you to be honest and have our best interest at heart. You communicated with us every step of the way and frankly, you worked your tails off to sell our house!  -Sara

Megan and Maryann were so tenacious and determined to get us in our house. Literally, their sheer willpower and our willingness to stay positive are what got our house to close. You stayed late, drove around, called everyone you knew, pulled in as many favors as possible and moved mountains for us. We owe our entire happiness to them. - Joe and Jamie

I will buy my second home with this dynamic duo (Maryann & Megan Ward) as well! They really took care of me with this difficult sale and I couldn't be happier! Run don't walk to have them as your as your brokers! - Lava

From the first listings emailed over, to the final walk-though after our purchase, we always felt you were 100% looking out for our best interests. You had all the time in the world for us, and it felt like you would drop whatever you were doing to assist us. We knew in the behind the scenes negotiations that you were fighting for the best deal for us, and we felt lucky to have you on our side. We love our new house, and we loved working with you to find it! -Nick

Listened to our needs and limitations, and were patient with us as we learned about our options. Thank you for taking such good care of us! -Kyle

We were very grateful for helping us to find workers to complete the needed repairs. I know it had to be done in a hurry and you spent many hours making phone calls! -Eric

They worked well as a team to ensure we always had a point of contact. -Tony